Gary | SEC
On a bearish night in August 2021, we came up with the perfect plan.
With so much talk of the SEC in the fin-tech news, we needed clones of Gary, in an attempt to bring the SEC to the Metaverse.
After many scientific tests and trials, we finally found the perfect technological recipe to creating Gary.
What happened next was pretty bizarre! Gary’s hidden thoughts started to surface and were integrated with our codes, creating a broad variations of Gary, and some were far more familiar than others.
Our plan seemed to have backfired. We started to notice patterns in the Garys. Each seeming to have already picked a side after being released. Some are more pro-crypto than others, some are benevolent, and some are just plain evil! Those we released in our lab, we had to cover their faces so they'd chill out!
There are 3,880 of them just waiting to be released on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Gary may come to you as professor, or Gare-bear or even as Cryptoman. Fear not though, they are not a threat, yet.
With the help of all of us, the average investors, and the pro-crypto Garys, we will be seen and heard.
This is the beginning of our story.
SEC Wild West Branch
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